Electronic Pilot Logbook Software tracks all Critical FAA Data securely online. Never lose or damage your logbook again. Pilot Partner will make filling out an FAA IACRA 8710.1 Form simple and easy!

Electronic Pilot Logbook works on any Mac or PC and is available for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices.

About Pilot Partner

History of Pilot Partner

It all started in 1997 when a software developer, Ken VeArd, showed up to a local flight school to learn to become a pilot. Before his first solo, Ken was frustrated with his paper logbook and knew there had to be a better way. He started developing his own Software Database to track his own flight. Ken built it just for himself and never thought about making it public. His instructor, Carl Lindberg, saw the program and said, “This is pretty good, you should clean it up and sell it.” Pilot Partner was born. Over the next couple years Ken continued to upgrade Pilot Partner and sold it on several aviation related shops. Over 2,000 copies were sold.

During the Years 2000-2014

Ken then pursued a career in Software Development working for several different software startups and other large software companies in Austin, TX. He never lost his passion for aviation and continued on to earn his Private SEL, MEL and Instrument Rating.

The Start of the New Pilot Partner

In 2014, Ken VeArd decided it was time to update Pilot Partner and reinvent the way Pilots could keep Electronic Pilot Logbooks. With the advent of Cloud Computing, he set off to create a true cloud based logbook solution. The New Pilot Partner would work on any computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android Device. Users wouldn’t have to worry about losing their data due to a computer crash.

The new Pilot Partner debuted at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2015. Ever since it’s debut, Pilot Partner continues to grow as more and more Pilots start logging their flights in Pilot Partner.


Compare Pilot Logbook

Pilot Logbook Checklist Choosing the correct Pilot Logbook can be challenging.   Don’t end up making a mistake by choosing the wrong one to get started with. With many Pilot Logbooks available today, Pilot Partner has prepared a Check List for Pilots who are looking for a better option. There are many things to consider …

How to Get Started with eLogbook

Getting started with an Electronic Pilot Logbook is easy if you follow the simple steps outlined in this article.   You don’t have to manually enter years of flying.  You can get started in a few minutes. Paper Logbook to Electronic: The Easy Way Learn more about Electronic Pilot Logbooks at PilotPartner.net

Comparison of Pilot eLogbook Software

Smartphones and tablets have become standard equipment for pilots, and a variety of apps help with a variety of tasks including flight planning, weather, and logging flights.  Many pilots have discovered the benefits eLogbooks.

Besides having the details of flying history at their fingertips, pilots enjoy automatic currency calculations, maps of airports they’ve visited, progress towards goals and achievements, and social media sharing of flights.
Some eLogbook programs even include special features for students and instructors.  Student pilots are able to share their records with their CFI, who can use checklists to manage their training program and sign off on important activities. Of course, the options are numerous, and many pilots are concerned about making the best choices.

“At aviation events, pilots often ask me, ‘What features should I look for when I consider an eLogbook app?’”  said software developer Ken VeArd.

“I realized there wasn’t a comprehensive list of features that are available among eLogbook apps. It would be a lot easier to answer those questions if there was such a list that shows all of the possible features, and which of the popular logbook apps support each of those items.”

VeArd and his team have compiled a list of thirty six features that pilots can look for in their eLogbook software, with the three top eLogbook apps listing whether or not they include that feature.

He acknowledges the limitations of such a list.  “Of course, eLogbook software is my business, so the Pilot Partner Logbook is the standard by which we’re going to measure all other software.  And different factors are going to be important to different people, so pilots who use this checklist will have to use their own priorities and judgment.  Also, recognize that it’s a moving landscape.  We release new features all the time, so any list like this will be a snapshot in time.”

“A complete checklist is really helpful for pilots considering the options,” said Private Pilot Paula Williams.  “Software can be complicated, and as a consumer, we don’t all have time to research every possible option, and we may not be aware of all of the questions we should ask when comparing eLogbook software.”


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